Book Review: Rise of the Huskers by Dennis Larsen

Rise of the Huskers
The quaint, little resort town of Banff, Alberta, set against the backdrop of majestic mountains and glacier lakes, is being torn apart by Huskers: virally-altered humans acting on deep, carnal instincts. The surviving populace, including Raven Falconer, her roommates, and RCMP Officer Zygmunt Nowicki, battle for resources, their lives, and a safe place to call their own.

Nathan Edwards, self-appointed leader of the Husker band, aggressively leads his group on horrific death-and-devour missions throughout the community, instilling fear among the healthy, and destroying any hope of rescue or survival. Episode Two looks inside the murderous horde, their thoughts, actions and the sense of ‘pack’ that develops, as their numbers grow. The once peaceful Biathlon Olympian controls the egregious Huskers with overblown aggression and a gift for carnage. He rules, trying to fill an insatiable void, temporarily satisfying vulgar urges, while dominating the mob – simply because he can.

As if the girls and Ziggy didn’t have enough to cope with, a new threat emerges, extending an olive branch, tainted with arsenic. Darwin Gladue, visionary and self-anointed chief of a local native tribe, violently takes control of his people and leads them on a desperate errand to restore their tribal lands.

Diminishing supplies, greed, lust and an unstoppable will to survive will pit the three parties against one another, culminating in a spectacular climax of death and ruination, but for whom?

Rating: 9.0/10.0

Review: Dennis Larsen does it again. The first book in the series sucked me in, and the second was no different! I fell in love with the characters all over again, as well as learned to hate a couple of them! I love how the huskers are changing, and how the humans react to the change! A very well written book, and I cannot wait to read the next!

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Pre-Release Review: The Perfect Day by Gunnar Angel Lawerence

The Perfect DayA double homicide leads Detective Paul Friedman to discover the threat of an imminent terrorist attack on the city of Orlando, Florida. A young teen girl is found beheaded in the wreckage of what appears to be a freak accident. Friedman learns of The Perfect Day, a plot to strike terror into the hearts of Americans by a zealot known only as Ali the Sand Viper. Friedman must solve the murders and do what he can to prevent the unthinkable, a terrorist assault on the tourism capital of the world.

Reporter Jerome Eisman stumbles onto the plot of a local White Supremacist group to purchase a large quantity of explosives. His investigation takes a frantic turn when bombs begin claiming lives.

The Perfect Day is the sequel to Fair Play.

Rating: 9.0/10.0

Review: The Perfect Day was absolutely gorgeous. It was filled to the brim with action, suspense, thrill, and detail. The way the ending ties into the first book blew me away as well. I was given this book by the author as a pre-release (It actually comes out December 31), and I was thrilled to read it. I read the first book, Fair Play, and was anticipating this release for a while! I’ll be shouting out this book for all to hear, and I highly recommend picking it up the day it comes out!

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Book Review: Altering Course by George Eliseo

Altering CourseCarmine LaRosa medically retired from the San Diego Police Department almost a year ago. So far, he hasn’t found anything to replace the thrill of police work until an old friend offers him a next to impossible job: find a local businessman that went missing after he sailed from the San Diego Yacht Club bound for Cabo San Lucas a week ago. Carmine takes the case but for reasons other than money, reasons he can’t tell anyone about.

During his investigation, Carmine discovers that a beautiful, blonde bartender went missing in Las Vegas around the same time. A mysterious Russian lawyer with ties to the Las Vegas underworld hires him to find her. As both cases progress, a lot of people are suddenly very interested in the missing boat and the missing bartender.

The case takes Carmine from his dilapidated fixer-upper of a house in Pacific Beach to Cabo and Vegas then back, tracking down the boat, the businessman and the girl. As he gets closer to the solution, it’s obvious someone doesn’t want him to succeed, and will use deadly force to stop him.

Rating: 8.0/10.0

Review: Author George Eliseo was able to grab the reader’s attention and hold it throughout the entire book. The characters were well developed, the storyline was unique, and the plot was fascinating. I’d recommend this book to any mystery fan.

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