Book Review: Bloodrose by Cassidy Raindance

BloodroseYoung Prussia dreams of marrying Robert and living happily ever after but their naughty neighbor Lydia is making things hard to handle. When Vampyr Sebastian enters Prussia’s life she plots to get Robert back but can she? And will Sebastian ever agree to let her go? Can Sebastian keep his secret? Can Prussia keep Lydia at bay? How far is too far and how high will the body count really go…

Contains: Some Language, Violence and Graphic Scenes

Rating: 8.0/10.0

Review:¬†When you open this book, prepared to be pulled into the story! The author does a really good job at keeping the reader hanging onto every word. The violent scenes were really well done, and the dialogue was genuine. I enjoyed this book and I’d recommend this book to any contemporary fiction fan out there. I loved the way the book’s plot rolled out smoothly without a lot of fillers in the way, or plot devices that lead to no where!

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