Book Review: Challerton by Mark Fleming

ChallertonWhat do a lost ship, a dilapidated house and the world’s greatest private art collection have in common?

Her name is Anne Kindersley, and this is her delicious tale of friendship and time travel.

The mysterious discovery of an old nightdress, entombed within the wall of a dilapidated country house in Hampshire, opens up a fascinating new world for Anne Kindersley. Through a doorway from her bedroom, she discovers the house in a more glorious age: 100 hundred years earlier, to the day. There, she befriends Lydia, the daughter of the house. She discovers the old ways of life, whilst introducing the beautiful and innocent Edwardian girl to the language, attitudes and confectionary of Anne’s modern world.

Their unusual friendship may prove short-lived however, for Lydia and her family are soon to journey to New York. They are to travel on the ship that is the talk of the age. The are to travel on the Titanic. Anne sets out to prevent the family sailing, with profound consequences to herself.

Rating: 9.0/10.0

Review:¬†Author Mark Fleming wrote a exquisite piece of work. I loved the way the story unfolded from beginning to end. Bringing a historical event like the Titanic into a piece of time traveling fiction was a brilliant idea, and one that worked out very well. The characters had depth, and you knew from soon after the beginning of the book that Anne was in a world of trouble as soon as she finds out she has to stop her friends from living out the Titanic tragedy. I’d recommend this book to any Titanic fan, Time travel fan, or contemporary fiction fan.

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