Book Review: INTOMBI – A Dog’s Life (Limpopo Legends) by Eric Edmeades

INTOMBILimpopo Legends is a collection of stories about African wildlife told from the animal’s perspective. Inspired by Jack London, the author tells each of the stories through the eyes of the animals.

The first book in the Limpopo Legends series is Intombi – A Dog’s Life. The story is a dog’s eye view of life in Africa.

Join Intombi on a journey across Africa that will see her learn to hunt, survive tremendous trials and try to find a mate despite dwindling wild dog populations.

Intombi is the story of a young wild dog’s frantic race to save herself and, perhaps, her species.

Rating: 8.5/10.0

Review: I really enjoyed this book. Being a dog lover, I was able to connect with the author on his love for these painted dogs. The simple writing mixed with the fantastic idea proves the homework was done on this project. I do wish, though it’s probably just me, that it had some of the photos that were shown on the Amazon page. That would have really tied well to the book, and given me extra eye candy while reading. I’d recommend this book to any animal lover out there!

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