Book Review: Kindreds: An Alliance of Bloods by Tani Mura

KindredsRaine has just turned twenty. It is the age of adulthood, the age of initiation, in her village the Outer Rims.

For a long time, Raine thought her existence would forever be confined to the walls that surround the Outer Rims. She will live and die without ever overcoming her struggle to prove herself as the only woman Askari – or soldier – in the Rims. She will never know the quickening of her heart as a man touches her face, and she will never know the comfort of a mother’s embrace.

But that was before they came for her, whisking her away to an unknown world – a kingdom where the people are segregated by blood and race, where the minds of soldiers are affected by brainwashing and mind control, where the three-blooded King is worshiped as God. Here, Raine is exposed to both the highest potential and the deepest perversions of the human mind. She is introduced to technologies she has never seen before, and discovers the existence of genetic experiments she feels should never exist.

Amid all this, Raine learns a secret about herself – a secret that both endangers her life and elevates her to an important position within the Resistance that fights the prevailing system of rule. Raine must struggle with questions of blood and identity, of love and hatred, as she and her friends fight for the future of a kingdom she never even knew existed.

Tani Mura, while immersing us in a completely different world, brilliantly weaves us through themes of identity, religion, and violence that are eerily familiar and all too relevant to each and every one of us today.

Rating: 8.0/10.0

Review: The way the story unfolds was quite good. Having not read a lot of dystopian genre stories, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I found that the main character Raine is packed full of mixed emotions as she is kidnapped and brought into a world of higher technology. The story brings up segregation, discrimination, race, and tolerance. It can definitely relate to history and brings the story to a more ‘real’ place to my perspective. I loved how the scenery was described (big fan of descriptive writing), and I loved the way the main character becomes conflicted as time progresses. I’d definitely recommend this book to any dystopian genre fan. I’ll be picking up the second book for sure!

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