Book Review: Landon and the Dragon by Joy Fridman

Landon and the DragonAre you looking for a book that will build your child’s confidence and self-acceptance? “Landon and the Dragon” will do that and more. Rated “Excellent” and five stars by parents.

Landon and the Dragon is a story about Landon’s journey. On his journey he meets all kinds of hardships and challenges. Will Landon fight the dragon? Will he gain back his confidence? …

This short book has beautiful art and a great storyline. “I loved the story and the charming illustrations,” says one reviewer. “My son loved it,” says another. And another parent says, “it’s a wonderful and optimistic adventure that will make your children (and probably you as well) go to sleep with a smile.”

Your child will love this book, so be sure to download it today.

Rating: 10.0/10.0

Review: This book was beautifully illustrated by Karen Dishaw. The story line hooked in with the beautiful images made this book a hit with my kids. Landon goes on an adventure and learns to build his own self-confidence while learning to be accepted as he is, and not what others think of him. I read it to my kids and they understood the moral of the story without any coaching from me. I’d say that’s about as clear as you can get with a children’s book! I’d recommend this story to anyone who has kids!

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