Book Review: Northern Torches by Martin Todorov

Northern TorchesNorthern Torches takes place in a medieval barbaric world, where the Viking nation terrorizes all lands nearby in search for resources to boost their own strength. During one of their countless attacks they pillage an English coastal village and take prisoners, which they force to fight in a pit in order to please their God – Odin, who in return will grant them strength to fight the rebellion, which takes place right on their doorstep.

With the help of the Viking queen, who actually carries English blood, the English slaves plan to escape, but a cowardly traitor among them betrays his own kin to save himself. Just as the execution is about to begin, the rebels strike the Viking fortress and provide a chance for the last surviving English prisoner to escape along with the Viking queen. However, they are once again captured, this time by the rebels, whose leader tempts them to join his cause with promises of freedom, which later turn out to be a lie.

Rating: 9.0/10.0

Review: Vikings! Who doesn’t love a world of terror, mysticism, and Gods? This book had me captivated from the start. Todorov is proving himself to be a hook, sink, and capture kind of author. From the first page I was captured into this world of Vikings that was beautifully built. I think Todorov has a huge career ahead of him and I’ll definitely be picking up another book! I’d recommend this book to any Historical Fiction/Fantasy/Action fan out there!

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