Book Review: Painful Truth by Kristen Strong


She unhinged the side door of the dumpster and turned toward me and grabbed my waist. I could smell the debris inside before I could see it.

I coughed and gagged as I tumbled into piles of furniture, smoke encased carpet and wooden tables warped by the heat of the same flames that consumed the bodies of our loved ones.

A cold shiver raced down my spine. Panic took hold and ran off with the air that I so desperately needed in my lungs. With one violent shove, Mom pushed my body further into the memory laced remnants of a violent crime scene.

About the Author

Everyone has a story. This is a story of true life crime and it’s one that I’ve spent a lifetime trying to forget. I am a survivor of terrible emotional and physical abuse and I’ve spent years trying to numb my mind and eat my feelings, in an effort to lead a “normal” life. As a young child, I remember staring at blood stained walls after the double homicide of my loved ones. Vivid memories of guns, beatings and angry┬áthreats continue to have a stranglehold on my life and I’m writing my story to help heal my soul.

This book is the result of encouragement from therapists and friends who believed in me and my ability to heal the emotional scars that never seem to fade. It is my first step on a long journey of healing. It’s also my hope that it will help other victims of abuse understand the warning signs and learn from
the mistakes I’ve made in my own life. It is never too late to get help. With God on your side and in your heart, I believe all things are possible. Thank you for reading my story.

Rating: 10.0/10.0

Review:┬áThis book relays a truth about some people’s childhoods. So true, in fact, that this author decided to turn her abused childhood into a memoir type story. The pain that you could feel through the book was real. In fact, it was more real then I could handle at times. I believe this story should be read by anyone who believes they have had a hard life without going through something like this. I applaud this author for opening up to the world and telling her story. I cried a plethora of times, and I’m not ashamed to say it. This story is so…painfully truthful it hurts to read it. I will warn you, if you were abused as a child, some of the other reviews on this book opened old wounds for people that were abused, and it might you as well. God Bless author Kristen Strong for telling her story, and I hope, pray, and wish that anyone who has gone through something like this heals. Maybe it’ll open some eyes on child abuse and hopefully it’ll help someone who needs to heal too.

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