Book Review: Steel Joe by S. A. Ferkey

Steel JoeJesse Tolley has been frozen within the womb of a coulee for more than a century, but today he’s going to rewrite history. Or die trying.

A hundred years ago, Owen Dervin wanted something he couldn’t have — Jesse Tolley’s woman. So he framed Jesse for a robbery and murder he didn’t commit, then shot him in the back and left him for dead.

But today, a freak accident has resurrected Jesse from the dead. He breathes his first breath in over a century only to discover that his beloved wife, Emily, has passed from this world, and his land is in the hands of strangers.

That’s not all that’s changed. History has branded Jesse Tolley a thief and murderer, and his sole descendant, Rachil Andrizzi, has changed her name to forever disassociate herself from her infamous great-grandfather.

Jesse’s shock is compounded when he walks into town and finds himself in the middle of the city’s annual celebration to honor its most famous citizen, the hero, Owen Dervin.

Jesse will die a happy man if he can clear his name, but the odds are woefully stacked against him. His body has been ravaged by time, gunshot wounds, and innumerable traumas. And now the mayor, the entire police force of Lupine, Wisconsin, and the FBI are gunning for him.

Can Jesse show Rachil, aka Melinda Tolley, that a man’s name should be a testament to how he lived his life, not how someone else says he lived it — before time runs out?

Jesse’s first day in the 21st century could well be his last in this action adventure thriller about one man trying to do the right thing against all odds.

Rating: 9.0/10.0

Review: I absolutely loved this story. The way the author presents the characters, the story, and the emotion in the book was awesome. I also loved the way Jesse came back after being stuck in a coulee! I’d recommend this book to any thriller fan! I know this book is going to get read a few more times before it gets retired from my shelves!

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