Book Review: Supernatural Hero by Eran Gadot

Supernatural Hero“I’m the class nerd, the only kid who doesn’t get invited to birthday parties… Maybe it would be better if everyone gave me the silent treatment. At least they would be paying attention to me…”

So thinks Andy, the boy everyone makes fun of because he’s really skinny and wears glasses and talks to himself, the nerdiest kid in the class, who falls in love with the prettiest girl in the class. Andy believes that he will show all the geeks that one of them can go out with the queen of the class! And one day it happens, thanks to Grandpa who has turned into a ghost. Ever since, Andy can see all kinds of ghosts and talk to them, and that’s why he is the only one who can save the lovely Zoe from the evil spirit that got into her home. Will he becomes a supernatural hero and win the girl..?

Rating: 10.0/10.0

Review: This book is probably one of the coolest books I’ve read in a while because it hits home for me. I was Andy in middle school, a socially awkward, glasses wearing kid who talked to himself because he had no one else to talk to. Of course, I also “fell in love” with the prettiest girl in school, but alas, it didn’t work out for me. I love how the author included illustrations for each chapter to kind of give the reader a feel of what’s happening in the author’s eyes as well as the reader’s. A very cool book that I would recommend to any young reader (my 7 year old enjoyed it, though I read it to her).

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