Book Review: Zara’s Curse by Andrew Domonkos

Zara's CursePart one of the exciting Empire of Fangs series. Zara’s Curse:

When Zara Lane and her longtime friend Abby decide to go out and celebrate their shared 21st birthday at a mysterious new Goth bar that was once a church, Zara expects a break from her average life of schoolwork and watching reality TV.

Zara gets more than she bargains for though when she meets Micah, a handsome guy with a pair of piercing blue eyes that make her dizzy whenever he so much as glances at her.

As Zara grows closer to her new crush, she begins to suspect that there is something much darker hidden beneath his charming and pleasant exterior.

When her hipster friend Twig becomes unusually jealous and suspicious of Micah and his eccentric family, Zara wonders if he too is hiding something from her, and starts to question everyone’s motives, including her own.

While Zara tries desperately to maintain order in her chaotic new life, as well as her sanity, she becomes caught up in a current of betrayal and ancient evil that threatens to pull her down into eternal darkness…

Rating: 8.0/10.0

Review:¬†Author Andrew Domonkos has talent. I loved the way he built the characters and the way the dialogue was presented. Zara has to make some tough decisions throughout this book and you can feel the tension run through the character. I am a big fan of vampires, and this isn’t a typical gushy vampire romance novel. I’d recommend this book to any vampire fans.

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