Exceeding Expectations by Melanie Nowak

4 StarsVampires the continuing storyNow that Alyson has turned, things are moving forward and changing. If you’regoing to read this series, read it from the beginning. The stories can be read as stand alones, and those who love vampires and the connection with almost humans and humans will enjoy these stories. They are far from

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[Book Review] Possessed priest seeks renegade shaman

Penric and the Shaman by Lois McMaster Bujold  Penric, a demon-possessed sorcerer and a divine of the Bastard’s Order, is content doing scholarly things in the court of the Princess-Archdivine. But when an investigator needs the services of a sorcerer to track a runaway shaman accused of murder, the Princess-Archdivine assigns Penric to accompany Senior

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[Book Review] Can I have some more magic to go with my desert planet rebellion?

Hunger Makes the Wolf by Alex Wells If you’ve ever thought, “You know what Dune needed more of? More magic and a biker gang!” then this book was written for you. If you are looking for your next stick-it-to-the-corporation space opera rebellion, this book is also for you. During a routine run through the desert, the

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