Faction 9 by James Firelocke

In a near future, dystopian America ruled by the corrupt super-rich elite, a government agent joins the rebels. Satirical science fiction. This starts out as a satire on bureaucracy and security, with government agent Jack Tone dutifully trudging through his work. The satire is heavy-handed in places but amusing. Then it turns into a parody

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Review: The Diplomat’s Daughter by Karin Tanabe

            Synopsis: During the turbulent months following the 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor, twenty-one-year-old Emi Kato, the daughter of a Japanese diplomat, is locked behind barbed wire in a Texas internment camp. She feels hopeless until she meets handsome young Christian Lange, whose German-born parents were wrongfully arrested for un-American

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Throw Back Thursday – Review for Sinner Man by Lawrence Block

Welcome everyone! I recently compared a book I reviewed to Lawrence Block and that inspired me to bring back my review for Sinner Man for Throw-Back Thursday. Titan Books has a brilliant Hard Crime collection and Sinner Man was the first of the series I had the opportunity to read and review. I love this……

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Under The Knife by Arnold Van De Laar (Short Review)

Sent To Me By John Murray In Exchange For An Honest Review 11.01.2018 / John Murray / Non Fiction / Hardback / 368pp / 978-1473633650 4/5 Target Audience: Non-fiction readers with an interest in medicine/surgery and history. Under The Knife is pretty graphically detailed so keep that in mind when picking it up. About Under……

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2 Faery Tales

I love some good fantasy involving the fae. I like fluffy happy fairy tales too, but sometimes I like the darker tales, the ones that remind you that those Fair Folk can be spooky and otherworldly beings as well as beautiful and kind. I just read two fae books in a row, and while neither

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The Privateersman

Tom Andrews is little more than a boy when husband of smugglers are caught by the Excise men and his father is killed. After a narrow escape, the Dorset lad takes to the seas, journeying to the Americas, taking part in piracy, slavery, and war, before trying to settle down… I was getting ready to

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