Waiting On Wednesday: No Way by Simon Morden

Waiting-On-Wednesday Good morning everyone and welcome to another Waiting-On-Wednesday here on ATIB. This is a weekly posted created by Breaking The Spine. It is just an opportunity to share a title that you are eagerly waiting to be released. I just saw this on Gollancz’s website so I jumped straight on here and drew this……

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Cryptofauna by Patrick Canning (Q&A)

Q&A with Patrick Canning Greetings and welcome to my author interview with Patrick Canning, author of Cryptofauna. This novel sounds all kinds of bizarre, funny and intense so I am definitely intrigued to give it a go. Patrick agreed to a Q&A in the meantime to shed a bit more light on what he is……

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My Monster by Einat Segal

Girl meets boy, boy turns out not be human. This is one of those YA-style stories with a first-person, snarky teen narrator. I’d say it’s more a teen drama with fantasy elements than fantasy with teen drama elements, but I still enjoyed it. The main character is well developed, the writing’s very readable, and the

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Cryptofauna by Patrick Canning

A young man is inducted into a hidden world of magic and super-beings enagaged in a mysterious competition. Whether you enjoy this book or not will largely depend on your sense of humour. Obviously, I did. Apart from the general daftness, there’s a familiar urban fantasy premise and conventional plot structure, which holds the story

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Throwback Thursday: Darien (Empire Of Salt ) by C. F. Iggulden

Throwback Thursday – Darien My wife has always been a huge fan of Conn Iggulden but I was never fussed until I stumbled across Darien last year. What a novel! Think Game Of Thrones condensed down into one city with a metric ton of pure magic thrown into the mix and add one of the……

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The Corset by Laura Purcell (Book Review)

This book was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 20.09.2018 / Raven Books (Bloomsbury) / Thriller – Historical Fiction / Hardback / 416pp / 978-1408889619 Target Audience: Readers who are for a nuanced tale of murder, circumstance and revenge. Gothic, emotional and haunting. About The Corset Is prisoner Ruth……

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