FBI Handbook of Crime Scene Forensics  by Federal Bureau of Investigation

4 StarsVery informativeAs a writer of crime novels, this book was filled with a lot of information. Ilearned a lot about procedures and what things need to be done in forensics. It’s a good book filled with details about different aspects of investigations. I learned a lot and will keep it as a resource.

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The Witches of Ravencrest by Tamara Thorne and Alistair Cross

5 StarsStunning and darkA wonderful sequel to The Ghosts of Ravencrest. Enter Ravencrest manor andbe prepared to become intertwined with the terrifying powers. This book brings the reader into the depths of its darkness, with murder awaiting. Belinda now lives at Ravencrest, and it tangles with the budding romance between her and Eric. There is

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Things I overheard while talking to myself by Alan Alda

5 starsThought provoking & inspirationalWhether or not you know who Alan Alda is, or what you may or may not thinkof his acting, this book is for those who just want to experience experience, and maybe gain some inspiration. This book certainly gave me that. I read his first book, “Never have your dog stuffed”

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The Killing Collective by Gary Starta

5 StarsEdge-of-your-seat-thrilling!Yes, I am a major fan of Starta’s work, and when asked, I jump at the change toread and review it. There is a writing style behind the story and it keeps this reader engaged, thoroughly. It’s not just the style, it’s the story itself. Enter the killing collective, and be introduced immediately to

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The girl who watched over dreams by Jeff Russell

4 StarsNightmarishThis is the first book of Russell’s that I’ve read, but I look forward to reading more of his work, such as “The Dream Shelf”. This book was intriguing and definitely thrilling. I liked that it was one of those medical thrillers that didn’t leave the audience lost with a lot of jargon, but

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Fractured: My Journey Back from Death and the Lessons I’ve Learned Along the Way by Elizabeth Antonucci

5 Starsliving lifeThis book is inspiring and it makes one take a look at their life. The story isone that is written by the author about the author, and it’s written in a way that’s empowering. She uses her experience to share with others and how one pivotal moment shaped her life. It’s one of

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Red Winter by Kyra Kaptzan Robinov

5 StarsA dark tale filled with courageThis book is based on real events, which make it that more compelling. It’sfilled with courage and bravery from the most desperate and disparaging events that someone can face. It’s a story that takes place during the Russian revolution, and the chronicles of survival. It’s a provocative story that

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City Affairs: My Quest For Love by Seb King

4 StarsAmazingI liked the background of London, and it was something that lend to the story.  There was great connection between the characters. I enjoyed the story, and really found the characters likeable. The relationships in the story had ups and downs, but it was a great story, very compelling. It has several notes of

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